David White

The works of David White emerge from his spontaneous and physically involved process. Using any materials available at hand while responding and creating through visual sensation and intuition, his works are full of splatters, stains, loose paint chips, duct tape, dust and even hairs on occasion.

His refined, vivid use of colors, textured surfaces and eclectic patterns inspire a vibrant, joyful sensation. The fine balance of geometric shapes with quick, loose brushwork express his commitment to constantly evolving stylistically. Growing up in Brooklyn, the influence of New York City is infused throughout both his installation and fine artwork. Better known as “MSC” (short for Mr. StarCity), he also re purposes discarded objects found on the street (most notably: televisions and mirrors). His work has been featured at the Fridge Art Fair at Art Basel Miami and discussed on popular street art blogs such as Bowery Boogie and Animal NYC.

Art Works:


Lollipop Head

Meat Head