Hector Madera

Hector Madera was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico in 1977. Madera works predominantly with paper but has worked with a variety of mediums over the years always getting inspiration from daily struggles and the occasional favorable outcome. He completed a MFA at Brooklyn College (CUNY) in 2011 and attended the Fondazione Antonio Ratti in Como in 2004. Madera’s work has been exhibited in numerous venues from San Juan to New York, France, Italy and the UK. He is a basketball, boxing and tennis enthusiast trying to watch and play as much as he can and he loves cooking. He lives in Brooklyn and has a studio in Manhattan, New York.

Artist Statement:

My work emerges from personal experiences and the close observation of life events, which highlight day-to-day struggles. I identified forgotten heroes and their overlooked greatness to explore the ironic and contradictory idea of the high and lows in everyday life. Shameful acts, grandiose moments, unfortunate circumstances and insignificant achievements all inspired my artistic practice. Working with diverse mediums that range from large-scale mixed media collages, paper and pillow like soft sculptures, t-shirts, and with the use of common materials such as tape, household paint, found objects, magazine and posters I evoke emotional states of woe and joy. I employ colorful geometric patterns and bold abstract doodles to portray feelings of melancholy and mirth, confusion and clarity. All to create an ambiance in which my frustrations are discernible, tangible, shared and celebrated.