Thomas Gleisner

Thomas Gleisner is a Brooklyn based artist and educator. Born and raised in Virginia, Tom earned dual B.F.A. degrees in painting/printmaking and sculpture at Virginia Commonwealth University before moving to Los Angeles, California to teach art and history. Influenced by the plastic panache of Los Angeles, his previously stoic works grounded in symbols began to take on a pop sensibility that was right at home amongst the palm trees and sun soaked sports cars passing by his studio on Santa Monica BLVD. In 2006, Tom moved to Melbourne, Australia on a visual art scholarship to the M.F.A. program at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Tom returned to the United States, specifically Austin, Texas soon after completing his M.F.A., where he continued his art practice and taught history at the Alternative Learning Center. Tom moved to Brooklyn in 2010, upon acceptance to the New York City Teaching Fellows; teaching art and special education at Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School and EBC High School. Tom has shown extensively in Melbourne, New York, Los Angeles, Austin, and Richmond; maintaining an ongoing balance between his passion for his art practice and involvement in community based youth work.

Art Works :

American Medicine


Chief Two Moons Posing as Sitting Bull, Circa 1957

Colonial Drummer: 1st Wave

Colonial Drummer: 1st Wave

Colonial Drummer: 2nd Wave

Daughter of a Plantation Owner

Looking Glass


Sovreign Monument

Stripper at the Leavenworth County Fair, 1961

Wild West Show