Tuza 2Sculptor and jeweler Suzzan Atala is the creative force behind Tuza Jewelry. Trained in Mexico and London, Atala blends her Mexican/Lebanese/American roots into her work. Atala defines her Mexican heritage by collaborating with the artisans of Taxo, employing recycled sterling silver of Mexico and awareness for craftsmanship and sustainability.

Tuza is a symbol of identity, pride and empowerment.






Art Works:

Bizare Love Triangle Bracelet-Rose Gold

Bizare Love Triangle Bracelet-Sterling Silver

Bizare Love Triangle Bracelet-Yellow Gold


Bizare Love Triangle Ear Stud-Sterling Silver


Cuarto Menguante Earrings

Rat Tail Necklace

Pyramid Cuff

Once Palos Necklace-Yellow Gold

Medium Hoop Earring-1

Once Palos Necklace-Rose Gold

Once Palos Necklace-Sterling Silver

Large Hoop-Yellow Gold

Large Hoop- Sterling Silver

Vagina Charm Necklace-Yellow Gold

Vagina Charm Necklace-Sterling Silver

Stripe Stud

Stripe Chocker

Stripe Bracelet